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The Merchant Princess

Caramel Missile (6 Jars)

Caramel Missile (6 Jars)

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Our Caramel is very special. 

Each batch is prepared by hand by Breton Chef Chloe, using wholesome Irish butter, cream and honey.

We  like to say we are at the forefront of caramel research in Ireland: we have created 14 seasonal flavours (to date). We usually have 6 to 8 caramels in the shop with a constant rotation of flavours to keep things varied and exciting!

Our most exciting project yet has been our intercontinental Caramel missiles: torpedos built out of 6 caramels. You can use this weapon of mass destruction (for the waist line) in various ways: 

-As a cheeky dessert on toast

- On popcorn

- On pancakes + crepes or waffles

- On ice cream

-In iced coffee

- With porridge

- With grilled goat cheese

- As a BBQ marinade 

- Off the spoon (which tends to be the most popular way!)

Missiles are built using 6 different flavours but if you would prefer to have a certain number of the same flavour, drop us a message!


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