Collection: Chloe's Caramels

Ahoy, me hearties! Gather round and listen well, for I have a tale of adventure and culinary brilliance to share. Set sail with me to the mystical shores of Kinsale, where our story begins.

In a bustling Irish kitchen, there toiled two brave lasses named Chloe and Alexis. They were no ordinary cooks, mind you, but seasoned treasure hunters of flavor. They sought to uncover the hidden gems of the culinary world, and fate had a special voyage in store for them.

'Twas on a blustery eve, when the moon was full and the tides were high, that Chloe embarked on a journey to Sandy Cove. There, by the shimmering sea, she stumbled upon a sight that would forever change her destiny—a mermaid, with her fiery red tresses flowing and her voice as enchanting as the crashing waves.

The mermaid sang of tales untold, of treasures hidden beneath the ocean's depths. Her melodious voice carried a hint of salt in the air, and it ignited a spark within Chloe's adventurous soul. She knew then and there that she must capture the essence of the sea in a caramel creation unlike any other.

With newfound determination, Chloe hurried back to the kitchen, her heart brimming with inspiration. She shared her encounter with Alexis, who, being the faithful and fearless girlfriend that she was, agreed to embark on this flavor-filled quest.

Together, they delved into the mysteries of caramel-making, combining sea salt harvested from the rocky shores of Ireland, with a delicate blend of honey, local cream and butter. They carefully crafted a caramel recipe that captured the essence of the sea—the salty-sweet symphony that danced upon their taste buds.

Word of their creation spread like wildfire across the land. People from far and wide yearned for a taste of this fabled sea salt caramel. It became a treasure coveted by all who dared to dream of indulgence.

But Chloe and Alexis were not content with just one treasure. They set forth on a quest to uncover more flavors, discovering rare ingredients and blending them with their masterful caramel craftsmanship. Their bounty grew to include a myriad of flavors, from the fiery spice of chili caramel to the Pirate prize of rum-infused caramel.

As their fame soared, fate once again beckoned our intrepid heroines. A long-lost map found its way into their hands, revealing the location of a hidden paradise—a shop in the heart of Kinsale. The moment they set eyes upon it, they knew it was their destiny to claim it as their own.

The shop had an ancient history, built out of shipwreck parts in 1720 as a bosun store. It had lay dormant for years, its beautiful wooden shelves and sea barrels gathering dust. No doubt the mermaids had some part in the fate of these shipwrecks, and perhaps they had always intended for Chloe and Alexis to find this place…The girlfriends transformed this shop into a haven of delights, where caramel seekers from all walks of life could savor the flavour’s of their dreams.

In their whimsical spirit, Chloe and Alexis sought to conquer new heights. They fashioned the caramel pots into missiles, six jars long, a weapon of mass destruction for the waist line….Each time a missile was bought in the shop, they rang a brass bell like it was a torpedo launch, they laughed, clapped, put a pin on a world map where the customer was from, and they put the customers name in an immortal list to commemorate their launch for spreading the joy and sweetness to the farthest corners of the world. 

So, my fellow adventurers, raise your caramel-filled mugs and toast to Chloe and Alexis—the fearless explorers, inspired by mermaids to make the most majestic Sea Salt Caramel in Ireland. Perhaps you might find a treasure map leading you to their magical ancient shop, and launch a missile for yourself!