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The Merchant Princess

Potato Gothic

Potato Gothic

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An original painting by Alexis Bannerman 

About 'Potato Gothic' by Alexis

'Potato Gothic' is after 'American Gothic' by Grant Wood (1930), today in the institute of Chicago.

When I first drew the faces for Potato Gothic, I laughed so hard because they looked so perfectly miserable. Mr Potato has many nuances and expressions, and it constantly suprises me how well he always fits within the pathos of every major Masterpiece of Western Art History.

I love hiding surprises and details in my paintings: can you spot the miniature of Mr Potato (on Mrs Gothic's dress)? And can you spot my signature (embroidered on a label on Mr Gothic's dungarees)?

In Summer 2022 I had the wonderful luck to meet the grandson of the lady who owned the house in the original painting. He visited our studio in Kinsale! Apparently his grandmother first saw Grant Wood (the original artist of American Gothic) painting a thumbnail of her house, so she rushed to tidy up indoors and out, but he never returned! It was taytolly rude of him.

Available as framed print in various sizes and price ranges, from postcard prints to museum quality limited prints!

Our museum quality prints are:

 -Hand signed and titled by the artist Alexis Bannerman.

- Framed with solid wood, sizes medium and above are made with uv proof, shatterproof glass, safe for the family home. The frames are Irish made.

-The prints are printed and mounted by Chloe in our Kinsale studio.

-We print with Giclée ink (that lasts up to 200 years, 70 years in direct sunlight), using only museum grade, archive paper.

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