Potato Pride

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About 'Potato Pride' by Alexis

Potato Pride is a true Queer collaboration. I drew the original outline and my girlfriend (Chloe) coloured in the painting. We hid loads of wonderful details in this image: notice the colours of the Irish flag on the shoulder, the most up to date Pride flag is on the torso, and the signatures of Chloe and I is near the legs. The painting is after Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss' (1907) but the potato heads reference an iconic photograph 'V-J Day' by Alfred Eisenstaedt (14th April,1945).

As we design, printed and framed the images in our studio, we like to say that when you buy a print of Potato Pride, 100% of the profits go to Queers!

Available as framed print in various sizes and price ranges, from postcard prints to museum quality limited prints!

Our museum quality prints are:

 -hand signed and titled by the Artist Alexis herself!

- They are framed with solid wood, with UV proof, shatterproof glass, and locally made by our friends in Clonakilty!

-The prints are mounted and produced by local fine art photographer Steven Hayes!  He prints with ink that lasts up to 200 years-so you can hand Tayto Fine Art down the generations ;)