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The Merchant Princess

The Mona Tayta

The Mona Tayta

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The Mona Tayta

An original artwork by Alexis Bannerman.

Available as framed print in various sizes and price ranges, from postcard prints to museum quality limited prints!

About ‘The Mona Tayta’ by Alexis

I would consider The Mona Tayta one of my greatest potato masterpieces. I had already placed Mr Potato in the works of 7 masters, and I had to visit the original Mona Lisa in person, before I felt confident that I could place Mr Potato within the context of Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic work.

When drawing this masterpiece, I noticed details that were not immediately apparent when you look at the original: the delicate veil on the forehead, the captains chair which her arm rests on, the aqueduct scheme in the background. I incorporated all of these in, and got every finger just right (except Mr Potato has three fingers as opposed to four, so sacrifices needed to be made…)

Perhaps the hardest detail to match was her gaze: like the original, My Mona Tayta eyes follows you wherever you go! This took a long time and alot of correction to achieve. But it was taytolly worth it.

Our museum quality prints are:

 -Hand signed and titled by the Artist Alexis Bannerman

-Our museum quality prints are made in our Kinsale studio. Our ink and archive paper holds an image quality that resists fading and can last up to 200 years-so you can hand your Tayto Fine Art down the generations :)

-Each museum grade print comes with a solid wood, locally made frame.

- Our medium to extra large frames are glazed with the safest UV proof, shatterproof acrylic glass.

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