The Old Head and the Seal

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An original painting by Alexis Bannerman 2022.

Available as framed print in various sizes and price ranges, from postcard prints to museum quality limited prints!

About 'The Old Head and The Seal', by Alexis

The Old Head is the lighthouse closest to Kinsale. It is a magnificent headland, with cliffs teeming with wild birds and a sea life that thrives around it. The Seal in this painting is named Flash. He appears in Kinsale harbour when Chole and I go Kayaking, but as soon as you try to photograph him or point him out, he disappears, in a flash! So painting him is the very best way to point him out, unless you see him for yourself in Kinsale :)

Our museum quality prints are:

 -hand signed and titled by the Artist Alexis herself!

- They are framed with solid wood, with uv proof, shatterproof glass, and locally made by our friends in Clonakilty!

-The prints are mounted and produced by local fine art photographer Steven Hayes!  He prints with ink that lasts up to 200 years.