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The Merchant Princess

Scream and Onion

Scream and Onion

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It's everybody’s favourite flavour: Scream and Onion! Original Tayto Fine Art by Alexis, inspired by Edvard Crunch’s “The Scream”

Available as framed print in various sizes and price ranges, from postcard prints to museum quality limited prints!

Our museum quality prints are:

 -Hand signed and titled by the artist Alexis Bannerman.

- Framed with solid wood, sizes medium and above are made with uv proof, shatterproof glass, safe for the family home. The frames are Irish made.

-The prints are printed and mounted by Chloe in our Kinsale studio.

-We print with Giclée ink (that lasts up to 200 years, 70 years in direct sunlight), using only museum grade, archive paper.

About ‘Scream and Onion’, by Alexis:

This artwork made me tayto-lly famous!

In October 2021, I donated a print of “Scream and Onion” to the St Vincent De Paul charity Halloween Auction. Little did I know that it would be shared by a comedian on twitter, and by my friend Luke on Reddit, where it caused a crispy sensation. It garnered around 3000 likes in an hour!

So I was busy in France, blissfully unaware of this and making caramel and jam with my girlfriend, when I got a message from The Irish Times Journalist, Jennifer Cosgrove. She asked me to do an interview for the Halloween Bank Holiday, and she did an amazing online article about the origins of my Tayto obsession!

 You can read it online at:

”Mr Tayto gets Munched – and it’s a Scream” by Jennifer Cosgrove, Irish Times, Monday 25th October 2021.

 After that, we switched on our online store, and we were deluged with the demand for “Scream and Onion”, and Tayto Fine Art prints in general! It is one of our most popular prints and t-shirts, as it made the perfect ‘Crispmas’ gift.

This painting seems to resonate with just about everyone. Personally, I am 70% made of crisps, chips, and potato’s, so I feel that a part of my self is truly in this masterpiece. But maybe people love it so much because of its pathos, colour and energy. And maybe people love it because Mr Tayto has been placed in a major masterpiece of Western Art History, where he rightfully belongs!

Best of all, this Tayto Art work is now part of Irish Diplomacy, as a little “Scream and Onion” print was bought for the Irish embassy in Norway (where the original Scream was made)!  Isn’t life a Scream?


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